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Superior Cleaning Services

1. All Dell Cleaning Group staff have Police clearance certificates, and wear distinctive Dell Cleaning Group uniform.

2. All our staff are trained to specific role functions like chemical awareness and hazardous substances, security on site, occupational safety and health, and reporting procedures.

3. The entire cleaning service is performed according to the cleaning specifications.

4. The highly trained staff are required to follow the established cleaning specifications.

5. The Quality Control protocol assures all the cleaning tasks are completed satisfactorily. The Quality Inspections are performed on regular basis.

6. We use state of the art cleaning equipment that is on a preventative maintenance schedule.

We take pride in what we do; therefore, we direct our attention to details and reliability when performing our services. We believe that every element of the cleaning job – no matter how small – contributes to the overall quality of our service. For this reason, we developed a Quality Control protocol that assures all the cleaning tasks are completed to customer’s satisfaction and according to the established schedule.