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Dell Cleaning Group franchise system benefits everyone

Dell Cleaning Group has developed a well-recognised corporate image that represents quality, professionalism and service. Our franchising system provides significant benefits for the Client and the Franchisee, and allows Dell Cleaning Group to compete effectively in the market place.

Client Benefit

  • Improved efficiency.
  • Improved quality and consistency of work product.
  • Guaranteed quality assurance and quality control.
  • Corporate professionalism - supported by dedicated owner/operator commitment.

Franchisee Benefits

  • Maximisation of profits through established and highly developed business systems.
  • Guaranteed Income from cleaning contracts
  • Guaranteed customer contacts.
  • Ongoing training in the latest cleaning methods.
  • Excellent potential for continued growth.
  • Flexibility in working hours - Franchisees are able to tailor a package to suit their needs.
  • Tax advantages - unlike employees, franchisees have a wide range of tax deductions available to them, as owners of their businesses.
  • Instant recognition with a professional corporate image.
  • Fewer overheads.
  • Established Corporate Clients.
  • High level of back up support.

Competitive advantages

  • Stability of workforce i.e. no employee turnover or industrial issues.
  • Franchisees have proven to be more professional and committed than employees are.

Key benefits for DELL franchisees

  • Security through Dell Cleaning Group Industry Recognition
  • Easy to get into with low entry costs and no commercial cleaning experience necessary
  • More income because of minimal overhead costs
  • Flexibility – you choose the hours you want to work
  • No performance concerns as extensive training and support are provided
  • Easy to increase income through a continual supply of clients and work opportunities
  • Peace of mind through on-going support from Dell Cleaning Group management team
  • Saves money with no expensive stock or premises to purchase/lease

If we combine the above benefits with:

  • The fact that cleaning is an essential service that major industries cannot operate without
  • Analysts predict that the cleaning industry will continue to grow at a rapid rate for the next 10 years
  • Dell Cleaning Group proven ability to successfully win cleaning contracts